Contour Body Wrap

Contour Body Wrap is a spa treatment in which the entire body is exfoliated, wrapped, and moisturized to help you look and feel slimmer. It is an all-natural and highly effective way to cleanse and detoxify the body, thereby causing temporary inch-loss, giving a contoured body, and enhancing the skin texture.


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What are the advantages of Contour Body Wrap?

With The One Beauty Bar’s Contour Body Wrap your body gets detoxifies by itself through the pores of the skin and that too in an all-natural way. Our experts follows the process of exfoliating your skin right before wrapping which in return removes dead cells from the surface of your skin, revealing a fresh layer of skin underneath. The One Beauty Bar’s Contour Body Wrap works as a good stress reliever by completely relaxing the body and mind.

How long does the Contour Body Wrap lasts?


The One Beauty Bar’s Contour Body Wrap effect lasts upto 2-3 months as long as you maintain your body weight. Get in touch with our experts to know the effectiveness of Contour Body Wrap according to your body type.